4k projector, which one? Probably a Sony 4k projector!

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What is a 4k projector?

A projector is an optical device that projects for example a movie onto a projection screen. The 4k is referring to the resolution of the projector, most of the time consisting 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. When you want to know more about 4k resolution, read my blog about this subject (read it here). One of the important aspects of 4k resolution is that you need a bigger (TV) screen to see the difference in detail regarding to HD. Or you have to sit very close to the screen. So if you have a big (white) wall or some space to put a projection screen, than a 4k projector should definitely be something for you. Only downfall is that the prices for 4k projectors are pretty high. Especially when you compare them to the high end of 4k TVs, which are also not that cheap yet.

Why choosing a 4k projector?

The expectation is that prices will drop soon, if more parties will release their 4k projectors. You may ask yourself, why should I already buy a 4k projector? First of all a 4k projector has a more flexibel setup than for example a 4k TV, because of the size. Let’s say you have a smaller space, you can install a 4k projector and adjust the screen size more easily. Also because of the weight they are lighter and therefore easier to move around the house. Secondly you can display a bigger size if you have a white flat wall or big projection screen, without losing image quality. Thirdly but definitely not last, it will give you an amazing cinema experience!

Regarding colour, brightness and contrast it’s a close call between a 4k projector and a 4k TV. Looking at smart features, 3D and pricing, the 4k TV is definitely a winner. Nevertheless if you are a techie, budget is not a problem and you like a cinema experience at home for yourself or to impress your friends, than you should definitely go for a 4k projector!

The best 4k projectors

When you decide to go for a 4k projector, the next step will be to choose which one. At this moment there is not much to choose about. Anyway below you will find some 4k projectors that are now on the market. I left the devices out from JVC and Epson because in the case of these models, the technology used inside them basically simulate 4k resolution. As a matter of fact even the use of this 4k upscaling technology produces nothing more than 2k resolution. You better go than for the real deal! Below you will find the best 4k projectors on the market. Not surprisingly they are all from Sony because at the moment it’s the only brand with real 4 k projectors. I will add any new interesting releases to the list below. Probably BenQ will introduce soon their real 4k projector.

Sony VPL-VW365ES Sony VPL-VW675ES Sony VPL-VZ1000ES Sony VPL-VW1100ES
Release date
October 2016 September 2016 January 2017 August 2014
Projection Technology
SXRD (3 Chip) SXRD (3 Chip) SXRD (3 Chip) SXRD (3 Chip)
Full 4K (4096 x 2160) Full 4K (4096 x 2160) Full 4K (4096 x 2160) Full 4K (4096 x 2160)
High Dynamic Range (HDR)
3D ready
1,800 lumens 1,800 lumens 2,500 lumens 2,000 lumens
Dynamic Contrast
300,000:1 350,000:1 infinity:1 1,000,000:1
Reality Creation
Picture Position (Lens-less 2:35)
Yes Yes Yes
Anamorphic Capability
Electronic Zoom (lens-less) or external lens Picture Position (lens-less) or external lens Lens shift function Picture Position (lens-less) or external lens
Recommended Lamp Cycle
6,000 hrs 6,000 hrs 20,000 hrs 2,500 hrs
Control Interface
IR, Trigger, LAN, USB, RS-232c IR, Trigger, LAN, USB, RS-232c IR, Trigger, LAN, USB, RS-232c IR, Trigger, LAN, RS-232c, 3D sync
Can I now watch the movies 4k?

Are you already imagining how those 4k movies will look like on that big screen. Well you are almost there. Almost, because there is not much 4k TV broadcasting yet. So to view that kind of 4k content you have two options.

First option to go for is a 4k media box, such as:

  1. Roku 4 4400R 4K UHD Streaming Media Player with SanDisk 16GB
  2. Amazon Fire TV | Streaming Media Player.
  3. Sony FMPX10 4K Ultra HD Media Player.

The second option to go for is a 4k blu ray player. The best 4k blu ray players at the moment are:

  1. OPPO UDP-203 or OPPO UDP-203 with multi regions.
  2. Samsung UBD-K8500 3D Wi-Fi 4K or SAMSUNG UBD-K8500 – 4K with multi regions.
  3. Sony UBP-X800 4K or Sony UBP-X800 4K with multi regions.
  4. Xbox One S 1TB Console.
Some remarks

The Xbox One S is, beside a 4k blu ray player, ofcourse also a gaming console. It’s ready for HDR4k gaming and Netflix 4k streaming. You do need for Netflix 4k a 4K Ultra HD TV with the following specifications: Smart TV, HVEC decoder and HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 compliant. When you have a HDR TV you can also watch HDR content on Netflix. For Netflix 4k content you can have a look here.

Are you looking for a 4k 3D projector? You have an easy choice, because any of the above projectors from Sony has 3D. Although it looks like 3D will end like the famous dodo. Most of the newest 4k TVs don’t have it anymore.

If searching for a 4k laser projector or 4k short throw projector you definitely should go for the editor’s choice.  In search of an 4k HDR projector, you can choose any of the above, beside the Sony VPL-VW1100ES.

I  hope this blog helped you making a balanced decision. If you look for the best 4k products in the market right now, have a look at my other reviews. Also don’t forget to like me, I would appreciate that.

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