4k, 4k resolution, 4k TV, 4k monitorWhat about me?

Well my name is Robert and I’m living with my wife in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I studied business law and nowadays I work as an independent business lawyer. So you may think, why is this lawyer writing a blog about 4k resolution and 8k resolution? That’s a legit question to ask.

Born in the mid seventies, I experienced all kind of technological developments. One of the biggest was the development of the personal computers. Before Apple was going through the roof with the Ipod and Iphone, I already had an Apple Imac G4. I really loved the design, it was a quality product (was made in the USA) and their customer service was great. But the developments were going so fast, that most of the time when you bought a PC, it was already outdated in a couple of months. Nevertheless the development of the personal computer has changed and is still changing our way of living.

4k resolution and beyond

And now there is a new development uprising! That’s the 4k resolution and beyond that the 8k resolution. Developments are speeding up with LED LCD, OLED, HDR and so on. I would like to take you, as a reader, on this new path to … who knows!

As a lawyer I’m used to analyse a lot of information and to explain the law in understandable words to my clients. So I want to keep this blog lean and mean, to keep things simple. I will try to avoid to many technical terms and if I do so, I will try to explain it in simple words.

What you may find in this blog? Explanation about 4k resolution and 8k resolution, products reviews about 4k TVs, 4k monitors,  4k projectors and much more.

If you have any questions or maybe an interesting topic, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Enjoy reading!